Logitem Vietnam Group has acquired licenses for trading activities, distributing and retailing garments, cosmetics, food and sundries. Our goods are widely distributed in department stores and shopping centers through both our own retail shops and our distributors’ shops.

We also support new Japanese companies that are considering investment in Vietnam with local market research and other activities such as OEM factory introduction.

Clients can trust Logitem to operate retail stores with sales staff who deeply understands each client’s  strategy and product details. Logitem expands sales in harmony with local conditions, without damaging the client’s product concept in Japan. Through inclusive control over retail shops and seamless feedback for sales information, our retailing can help to enhance Comprehensive and Long-term sales strategy for clients.

Our proposal is a one-stop service consolidated by our own Logistics and Trading service. Logitem provides streamlining service by surrogating complex application procedure, import customs clearance, etc. Clients can conduct sales activities without the need to directly visit Vietnam.