Warehouse (Domestic Warehouse /Bonded Warehouse)

Logitem Warehousing service always secure good performance by strategic logistics base location, flexibile operation optimized for cargo handling requirement conducted by our skilled warehouse workforce. Besides, in accordance with cargo feature and demands of cusotmers, we apply high technology suitable solutionfor cusotmers. Our nation wide warehouse network are as follows :


  • Quang Minh Logistics Center in Quang Minh IP:
  • Distribution Center in Tan Quang IZ

Da Nang:

  • Logistics Center in Expanded Hoa Khanh IP

HCM City:

  • Warehouse in Linh Trung II IP
  • Logistics Center in ICD Song Than
  • Logistics Center in CT Song Than

Mekong Delta Area :

  • Distribution Center in Binh Minh IP